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Thats me

That's me. I am 29 year old, a Psychologist and Ethologist by training, and am currently working on my PhD at ETH Zürich. In everything I do, I strive for a healthy and compassionate human-nature relationship. The mission of Fur was alive is to empower you to avoid falling prey to the fur industry. We provide data to back up our arguments, and we focus on political and every-day work to spread the word.



Thats Rudi


This is Rudolf Redpelt. He is a fox and tirelessly supports my mission as its herald and mascott. He accompanies me on my paths, having visited many European cities (including Amsterdam, as you can tell from the picture), a cargo ship and some of the legendary Yale parties.



imprisoned fox

Who needs fur? Animals do. We humans can easily live, thrive and rejoice without "fashion" made from a sentient being's carcass. And hence, we should. We cordially invite you to learn about remedies to the viral myths of the fur industry and news about creative and fun campaigning. Find assistance in staying fur-free and see how we can take easy steps towards a harmonious tomorrow.


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Resilient Ideas: Pagan-Satanist Creed

Campaigning for Compassion: Rudolf in New York City


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