First Aid for (involuntary) Fur Owners

Did you accidentally buy a jacket, a cap, gloves or a scarf with a fur application and you can't return it to the store?

Did you realize that the hood of your favorite vest is animal fur but you hate to carry part of a corpse around with you?

There is hope!

I offer a free remove-the-fur-service. It is a matter of an hour to unhitch the fur from a hood and sew it back together*

Fur-application at hood
removal in progress
fur being removed














This is how it works:

1) You contact me with a description or a pic of the fur-item you want removed.

2) Within a day, I tell you if I can do it and when.

3) If it everything is fine, you can bring or send in your item and I'll start working on it as agreed.

4) Within a few days, you receive your item back - beautifully fur-free!


*Be assured: I can sew. I sewed my own wedding dress. :-)