Anti-Fur Inoculation

Don't let them get you!

Bummed out fur owner

Did you know that each year, millions of people are victimized by the fur-industry?

We all know that animals are killed for fur-fashion and most of us recognize this as an inhumane atrocity. Thus, the fur-industry devised a perfidious strategy to circumvent our commitment to fur-free attire: They make fur 1) cheap, 2) ubiquitous, 3) unidentifiable.

80% of people whom I approach to ask why they wear fur are bummed out - they are unaware of having bought animal fur. In the best of intentions, they were looking for a nice jacket and ended up mistaking real fur for fake. The tricky part is that real fur is often …

… labelled as “fake fur”(!!).

… deceivingly labelled, e.g. passing dog and cat fur off as “rabbit”.

… not labelled at all.

Be smart - buy fur-free!

It's easy to avoid fur if you know how. Look for…

leather underneath the hairs. Unless you see or feel fabric, it's real fur.

Leather underneath
Fabric underneath








smoothness of the hairs. If they move softly with a breeze, it's real fur.

   … structure of the coat. If there is a fluffy undercoat & longer kemps, it’s real fur.

fluffy and structured
felty and homogenous

There is always hope!

Even if you happened to get caught by the fur-industry's trap, it's never too late to cock a snook at them. Use my free take-the-fur-off-your-hood-service: It is a matter of an hour to unhitch the fur from a hood and sew it back together. Contact me today and walk fur-free from tomorrow on!