How YOU can help

Be warmly welcome among those beautiful people who strive to make a better tomorrow for our furry fellow beings.

You might be overwhealmed by the cruelty of the fur industry - we can help you cope by contributing to end the atrocities!

Here are some suggestions.



Fighting the fur industry is predicated on knowing it. Therefore, open your mind and browse our website or the following ones:


Besch├╝tzter Rudolf

Give a Start

Here is what you can do from within your comfort zone:

  • Don't buy fur! That's not as easy as it may sound, because today, fur comes not only as coats but as collars, on stocking caps, scarfs, shoes... Also, it often is no more expensive than faux fur - and labelled misleadingly either as fake(!) or not labelled at all. Salespersons are sometimes ignorant or deliberately misinform you. Watch this tutorial to tell faux fur apart from real fur.
  • However, if unsure, send us a quick snapshot photograph and we'll tell you if it's fake or real!
  • Spread the word! Let friends and family know about the atrocities behind fur "fashion".


Advanced Aid

This is a bit more demanding, but easy to do for anyone determined to help compassion triumph over profit:

  • Boycott fashion stores that sell fur. And let the retailer know why. Fur will cease to be considered "fashion" if it will cease to yield money.
  • Shoot us an email and order leaflets to give away to passersby, disseminate at events or distribute into mailboxes in your street.
  • Tell us where fur is sold and let's draft a letter together to promote ethical fashion instead.
  • Talk to local celebreties (garage bands, artists, mayors, actors) and ask them whether they would be ready to join in a campaign against fur fashion. Let us know and we'll do the rest!


Expert Contribution

Here is what will advance our shared endeavour at an incredible pace:

  • Ask your favourite store if they would post info about fur "fashion". Tell us if they do! We'll provide materials exactly tailor to their wishes and needs.
  • Help us spread the message. Can you organize for us to speak in your kid's primary school, in your university class, to your colleagues... - we can match our message with everyones dispositions.
  • Donate your talent! Help us campaign for compassion. Regardless of whether you are good at writing, drawing, singing, photographing, socializing or any other kind of skill: There is something you can do to help us. Shoot us an email (rudolf.redpelt[at] and make friends!


You see: the opportunities to share, spread and contribute are unlimited. And we will be most grateful for any form of assistance.

Welcome in Rudolf Redpelt's anti-fur force!