New York City

How open is New York - city of curiosities, cuture and capitalists - to idealistic Foxes?

Let's see.


Here we go








Having found a (supposedly public) oasis of green within a commercial building to change from woman into fox, we instantly had security guys runnig at us and could escape last minute. Small wonder we felt a bit "headless" at first.






The UN building was our first official photo stop...




Yale Club





... and the elite Yale Club (where I had been a noble guest as part of the Yale world just some weeks prior to Rudolf's visit) was the second one.






living sign
living sign 2
living sigh








How different is that world from the reality of these "living signposts"! These poor guys who have to prostitute their bodies in order to entice people to eating in one of the fast-food temples around the corner. Shall we applaude or condemn the fact that real people as part of advertisement make the difference on the overcrowded market?




Foxing through NYC
No one looking up



However, virtually no one pays attention to an as-good-as-real fox amongst the crowd. In all my life, I have never experienced a place where people are as ignorant and ice-cold as in New York City. Most likely, everyone tries hard not to drown in the ocean of people and keep to him- or herself.

Despite all



Never mind. We are here not to win the day, but to make an offer to turn aroud and to ponder.






And yes, some are accepting the offer!

looking up









Foxing from Manhattan's North to South makes you refill your energy stacks at some point. This is fuelling change!

fuelling change


And there we go through litte Italy, diverse parks ...

Little Foxaly
China torture

... and to the dark sides of China Town. Here, numberless and nameless animals (cray fish, fish, ...) are suffering in small, filthy and overcrowded basins, awaiting their gruesome end. Rudolf keeps his countenance, but behind the mask, tears flow.


Fox market
true power





Where resides a greater power?









... or here?











fox statue







Anyway, I bet George Washington had been dreaming of a different society 200 years from his time.


And thus ends a long day of walking and relentless hope of having touched some people's hearts. May the statue of liberty light the way for the freedom of all beings!

southernmost fox