Resilient Ideas

Die Welt braucht uns


I am young and need the Earth


Cruel as they have ever been,

wars keep roaring unforeseen.

Lifes subdued by gory oppression,

truth is truly out of fashion.

But fur sells fast; I drown in sadness -

any chance to stop this madness?! 

„You cannot change the world, don't cry!“

say those who will not even try.

No giving up, I’ll always give

all I have for the right to live

of every creature on planet blue

even if it won’t come true.

My heart is soft, my wits are keen

ready for what “to fight” might mean:

acting, thinking, perennial,

and, actually, radical.

Whether acclaim or flak I earn,

Supported, suspended - I shall learn.

Hero or fool, no matter what

you’ll call me I shall find my lot.

And I cry for what it’s worth:

Halt! I am young and need the Earth!