Furry Festivities

Yale Parties with Fox

Who says that animal rights activities are bound to be dull?! Even the most dedicated activist can have fun - and spread her cause along the way.

The legedary Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies's parties herald a new term and are a venue for incoming and continuing students, for friendship and vanity, extravagant costumes and unspeakable follies.

Needless to say that Fur-was-alive mascot Rudolf Redpelt  fits all these categories. So, what does the fox say? Let's party!


Week 1: Animal Kingdom

The first week's theme, "Animal Kingdom", came as a VIP invitation for Rudi. At nightfall, fox time, we head out.



An Indonesian and Japanese friend interpreted the theme biologically correct and dressed up as homo sapiens. They were the party seniors - having arrived punctually as invited (and having found themselves alone for quite some time before every one else dropped in). Lecture number one for international students: An invitation for 9 pm actually means "arrive at some point after 10.30 pm if you will".

Rudolf and I found another American trait even more adorable: Their support and appreciation for everything extraordinary.

first time party guests


Also, American rabbits, ...



... snake-women and  lobsters, as well as Korean cats, ...



... Hollywood jaguars and Afro-American leopards, ...

other friends


... crazy chicks and hammerhead sharks ...



... are nothing short of a-w-e-s-o-m-e! This fun anthrozoological community really makes you want to dance!


dancing fox


Week 2: A Land before Time

Have there been foxes in a land before time? Probably not, but there must have been creativity. And you really don't need a lot of creativity to figure out who was Rudolf Redpelt's prehistoric ancestor:  Pteranodon rudolfensis, of course.



We had so much fun with Kate-osaurus, more or less modern (and increasingly tipsy) cave people...

Calf woman and kateratops
dinosaur friends
whatever dinosaur
drunken homo sapiens


... prehistoric greens...

Mr Plant


... a bunch of Crazysaurusses, a TriceSTARtops...

colourful lot


... a Saber-toothed cat from Burkina Faso ...

Cool cat
Pteranodon friend 1
Pteranodon friend 2

... and even two Pteranodon friends!!


Week 3: F&ES

The third and last party challenged our inventive talents. The theme "F&ES" allowed all costumes that somehow related to "F", "E" or "S".

No problem. Rudi's father evidently was an ant-eater and his alter ego is a human female. That makes the perfect F&ES jackalope.

FoxANTeater Species leaves home


The Fox-ant-Eater-Species partied with "Fleckles", "Farmers", and Students, ...

freckles farmer student
FES friends1
cool guy


...mingled with Frances Elisabeth Sawyer, Kroon Hall,...

Frances Elisabeth Sawyer and Kroon Hall


...was tempted by a Sandwich and the "Fucking Evil Socially"...

Fucking Evil Socially


...hugged Snigdha, and the "Flying Evil Squirrel", ...

Snigdha and Flying evil Squirrel


... and deemed its personal favorite of the night: the "Farmer whose Epidermis is Showing"!

farmer whose epidermis is showing


Thanks, F&Es, thanks my dear fellow students for three colorful nights and for your cordiality!