Washington District of Compassion

We were heading to a Washington DC class trip with the leadership seminar at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies on March 30 to see all kinds of political leaders. Rudolf Redpelt and I arrived early in order to turning Washington the capital into a District of Compassion for one rainy afternoon.


Foxing in the rain








Upon our arrival at the WDC train station, a torrendous sleet storm broke loose. Never mind, Rudolf.

The message clear ("Fur isnot fashion. fur is agony, dispair, death. fur was alive"), the path set, the umbrella put up. Here we go.


Greetings from the Capitol

Alright, this is where the will of the people gets enforced... or broken?


Obelix Memorial
Wrinkel Memorial






And this is where the eminent fathers of this nation are eternalized?














I wonder how long this eternity will last.


Father in Lincoln







He absolutely looks like my father in law, just a lot less friendly.













These fans are everywhere.









White Mouse


Ops, with all the security guys gazing nervously at Rudolf (and with all the ankle-deep puddles in our way), we probably enjoy the White House from afar.





Albert Einstein: A truly adorable idol, sitting there in simple clothes and sandals and probably saying "You know, your wishes won't become true unless you are able to love and understand humans, animals, plants and stars in a way that enables you to feel their joy as your joy and their pain as your pain." [original quote, my translation; thanks wonderful Chad Oliver for showing me the statue and shooting the photo!]




Did it








Soaked to the bone, we made our way to the hotel. I wish someone had taken a picture of the hoteliers when Rudolf (with his full red pelt but with his snout raised) approached the counter, and of the cleaning personel when they found this snout posted to dry on the best possible drying spot.

Wasington, beautiful and scary place, thanks for hosting an idealistic fox for one afternoon!