"Bull kills farmer to protect calf" - A Martyr for Animal Rights

On May 13 2014, many German media (1, 2, 3, 4) report on an incident that took place in Bavaria, Germany: A bull attacked a farmer and his wife as they attempted to take a new born calf from his mother. The farmer's wife could safe herself and call for help, whereas the farmer died. The bull was later killed by a huntsman.

This startling incident is a terrible lesson for people who claim that animal rights are obsolete since animals cannot stand up for their rights.

I'm sorry for the farmer and his family.Why did this have to happen before they realized that animals have interests and that they do pursue them. I'm sad for the bull and his family. Why did he have to become a martyr in pursuing his interests?
I'm enreged for our society since we still have not recognized that bulls fighting for their calfs, "animals for slaughter" fighting for their lives, or minks biting the bars at fur farms are all just fighting for their most basic rights!

It is not important whether animals reason and feel in the exactly same way as humans. It suffices to know THAT they reason and that they are sentient. This insight is trivial for all of us who have lived with animals open-minded and -hearted. Today, even "hard science" confirms our intuition. Love for our young, drive for survival and for bodily and psychic integrity are the most fundamental parameters of life.

All naturally, we grant these sentiments to our fellow humans, since they act in a way that convinces us of their sentience. Consequentially, we can grant these sentiments to our fellow animals, since they act in ways that are clearly indicative of their sentience. Therefore, they need to certify these rights for them in writing and in our everday encounters.